The paintings of Simon Blackwood

The Paintings of Simon Blackwood
Boy Cleaning a Boat - 24inches X 30inches - SOLD
Boy at Bebek - oil on canvas - 24inches X 30inches - SOLD
Shefiks Boat - oil on canvas - 48inches X 60inches - SOLD
Shefik in his Boat at the Dere Cafe - oil on canvas - 50inches X 55inches - SOLD
Bosphorus Boat - oil on canvas - 55inches X 50inches - SOLD
Uskudar Boats - oil on canvas - 30inches X 24inches - SOLD
Bosphorus Boats - pastel and watercolour - 18inches X 15inches
Motor and Sail on the Bosphorus - Pastel and watercolour - 18inches X 15inches
The Beauties of the Bosphorus
This title was given to an exhibition at the Anthony Mould gallery in New Bond Street, London in the 1980's.
The successful show helped ground the artists' love for and fascination in this subject that continues to the present day.
The images here are all paintings inspired by the vibrant life on the Bosphorus sea in Istanbul. There have been many changes since Simon first visited in 1971 when small villages with distinct characteristics still served to make the City welcoming to the many different cultures from the East and the West to which Turkey willingly offered hospitality in the way only the Turks do so well.
The first two images were painted from the Ambassadeurs' Bar beneath the Bebek hotel
where Simon and his family would often stay as it has a superb sea view on the Western shore.
Shortly after this the artist took on a studio in Uskudar from which the entire Istanbul skyline could be enjoyed from the Anatolian side. As his familiarity grew with the villages that lined the Eastern shoreline he became friends withShefik Pehlevan. Shefik was the wrestling Champion of Turkey in his youth but later became a fisherman specialising in the famous Skorpid (Rascass) which is notoriously difficult to clean and prepare. He could be found at the Dere Cafe in Anadolu Hisar where they would often meet, buy fish and take trips around the Bosphorus on Shefiks' noisy fishing boat and from which many drawings and paintings derived.
Shefik sadly died without ever seeing any of the artists work.