The paintings of Simon Blackwood

The Paintings of Simon Blackwood
Autumn on the Wells - oil on canvas - 60inches X 48inches
Red Dogs - oil on cnvas - 30inches X 24inches - SOLD
Hawk on Ruberslaw - oil on canvas - 25inches X 20inches
Between the Fig and the Olive Tree Ardeche - oil on canvas - 25inches X 20inches - SOLD
WOL apple tress - oil on canvas - 30inches X 24inches
The Dance 3 - oil on canvas - 20inches X 25inches - SOLD
Roedeer on Ruberslaw summit - oil on canvas - 25inches X 20inches
'Red Dogs' and 'Lauras' Garden' both featured in Simon Blackwoods' solo exhibition at the Michael Parkin Gallery in Mayfair, London in the 1980's.
At that time the artist had been commissioned by Mnsr. Michael Dobbs-Higginson to work from his Chateau du Tourreaux in Provence and the two dogs 'Ebby' and 'Cooky' were Simon's constant companions during his stay.
The second version of 'Between the fig and the olive tree' was made in the Ardeche close to the Post a'Arc in the garden of an old friend.
The other images are all locations near the artists home in the Scottish Borders including especially Laura' Garden which continues to grow and thrive in its' beauty.