The paintings of Simon Blackwood

The Paintings of Simon Blackwood
Roe Deer Retreat - oil on canvas - 55inches X 50inches
On 3rd April 2017 this new site was uploaded.
It is hoped that it will change frequently and that you, the visitor will have enjoyed seeing some of the images represented here.

The paintings of Simon Blackwood are exhibited infrequently in galleries as most sales are made from the studio in the Scottish Borders.
Enquiries about sales can be made via the contact link at the foot of each page.
There are many paintings old and new that are not shown here. Those that have been sold will be marked thus - SOLD after the sizes in the attribute beneath each enlarged image. Any that do not have this accolade may be available for purchase.

If you are interested in seeing other paintings for sale just make contact by email and the studio will respond to your request and be happy to send images of any available paintings and of course prices.
If you have read the introduction by Jacquelin Lane on the home page then you will be aware that these paintings are best seen in the flesh.

Visits to the studio can be arranged by email.